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Leche Bebé- Milk for every baby!

Bimbosan Hypoallergenic Formulas

Bimbosan HA formulas are 100% whey protein (hydrolyzed without casein). It's a reduced lactose formula with prebiotics (incredibly similar to HiPP Comfort but without the added corn starch!). 

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HiPP Dutch

 HiPP Dutch is the formula we recommend for moms who are just looking to supplement their breastmilk. It's one of our top baby formula picks! 

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Bimbosan Anti- Reflux Formulas

Bimbosan Anti- reflux formula is our top choice for babies who suffer from silent reflux/ severe spit- up. Bimbosan AR uses carbo bean gum (locust bean)as a thickening agent. Unlike HiPP AR, Bimbosan AR thickens immediately. It is a lactose based formula with no added starches! 

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