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How do I stay informed on potential recalls?

Like anything else (in any part of the world) there's always the possibility for product recalls on European baby formulas such as Bimbosan, Holle, and HiPP. 

Leche Bebé takes this concern seriously and we want you to rest assured that we frequently check the RASFF Consumers Portal for product recalls. In the event of a recall we will notify our consumer/ clientele via email. We will also have notifications listed on our website ( 

If there is ever a recall, we suggest you check your product lot numbers, barcodes, and all other identifying features to verify your product is indeed under recall. We highly suggest you stop using the product immediately and dispose of it in the trash. 

While we take measures to keep ourselves updated and in tune with whats going on...we highly push for our customers to practice great standards of Consumer Responsibility by understanding that you too can take the initiative to stay up to date on potential recalls. 

We highly recommend our customers acquaint themselves with the RASFF Consumers Portal.

1. Please visit this weblink:

2. Select your product's Country of Origin. 

3. View the list of current notifications. 

4. Click to blue button on the bottom left, "Open in RASFF Portal." This option will allow you to see an expanded list. 

Although we've never personally seen a recall on European baby formulas (or it's very rare), we feel like being informed is one of the best actions we can take for our babies! 

As always feel free to reach out to us with your questions or concerns via email at 

You can also follow us at or on IG @lechebebeshop 

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Leche Bebé

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