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Need help?-- The Ultimate List of Breastfeeding Resources

Need help?--

The Ultimate List of Breastfeeding Resources

There's no denying the fact that breastmilk is Queen when it comes to infant feeding. However, that does not mean it comes easily! We recognize the need to support all parents & caregivers in their infant feeding choices, so we wanted to compile a list of our favorite resources.

At Leche Bebé Shop, we want all parents to feel confident in how (and what!) you feed your baby. Any amount of breastmilk that can be given to your baby is beneficial. 

Our list will be divided into two sections. The first section will list resources available to all parents & caregivers. This will include websites, books, phone numbers, etc. The second section will list resources available to parents & caregivers within Arizona. This list will focus on in-person help. 


Section 1- National Resources

National Breastfeeding Hotline (English & Spanish): 1-800-994-9662


KellyMom offers a comprehensive, online, and free resource in regards to all aspects of breastfeeding. 

La Leche League 

La Leche League is an international support network to support breastfeeding mothers through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education. 

American Academy of Pediatrics

The AAP has a great index of breastfeeding information for mothers. The site is a wealth of information for mothers and healthcare providers. 

The Mama Natural by Genevieve Howland

As one of our personal favorites, The Mama Natural, has a great chapter on the benefits and hurdles of breastfeeding. The author offers practical advice and resources on some of breastfeeding's most common ailments. And of course she offers great advice on what to use in case breastfeeding really isn't going well (bring in the HiPP and Holle!)


Section 2- Local Resources (Southern Arizona)

Wombdance Lactation & Labor Support

Milk & Honey Tucson

Mama's Latte

Mindful Lactation

TMC Breastfeeding Support 

 All of the resources listed above are great options for mothers in Southern Arizona (Marana, Oro Valley, Tucson). They can all be contacted directly via their websites, emails, and phone numbers. 


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