Bimbosan AR Swiss Anti- Reflux Infant Milk Formula Stage 2

Bimbosan AR Swiss Anti- Reflux Infant Milk Formula Stage 2

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Bimbosan AR Swiss Anti- Reflux Infant Milk Formula Stage 2

Babies love it because:

  • Contains prebiotic galactooligosaccharides (GOS)
  • Omega 3 & 6
  • Dietary nucleotides
  • Lactose based & starch free
  • Locust bean gum as the thickening agent helps small tummies keep the milk where it belongs
  • gluten-free
  • No wait time after preparation (HiPP AR requires 7 minutes before it thickens!)
  • 400 gram box 

Bimbosan AR is the best baby formula that has been specially developed for infants with significant spit- up problems. Unlike HiPP AR formula, which requires a wait time of 7 minutes to thicken, Bimbosan AR does not have a 7 minute wait time. A unique form of locust bean (carbo bean) gum allows for immediate feeding after preparation. 

Bimbosan is a family-run, typical Swiss company and has been producing first-class “special children's foods” since 1932. Bimbosan is proud of the longstanding Swiss tradition and has always focused on Switzerland as a production location.

Entire generations of Swiss grew up with Bimbosan. The Bimbosan company was founded in 1932. In Welschenrohr, in the canton of Solothurn, Bimbosan has been doing the same thing for over 80 years: Bimbosan produces products of exceptionally high quality and sells them at low prices. In addition to babies, Bimbosan also cares about the Swiss economy. We place many large orders with other Swiss companies and thus secure apprenticeships and jobs throughout the country.

*Important* Bimbosan AR milk will have a thicker consistency compared to the typical milk-based formula. We, therefore, recommend using a bottle nipple with a faster flow or a variable flow nipple. 

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