Bimbosan Bio 2

Bimbosan Bio 2

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Babies love it because:

  • 2-grain blend (oat & spelt)
  • from 5 months
  • 300-gram eco- friendly bag
  • Excellent source of Vitamin B1

Bimbosan Bio-2 is the perfect two- grain blend of oats and spelt. Very easily digestible by a young baby; however, still satisfying and wholesome.  

Bio- 2 is generally recommended for babies 5 months and older. The 2- grain blend is easy on the digestive system

Ingredients: OAT FLOUR* 77%, SPELT FLOUR* 23%, antioxidants (tocopherol- rich extracts), vitamin B1. Contains gluten. *These organic ingredientscomply with the stringent Knospe guidelines.

Information for allergy sufferers: See highlighted ingredients

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