Bimbosan Bio 7
Bimbosan Bio 7

Bimbosan Bio 7

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Babies love it because:

  • 300 gram, eco- friendly bag
  • wheat- free
  • contains rice, millet, spelt, oats, rye, barley, and maize
  • contains no granulated sugars 
  • from 5 months and on

Bimbosan Bio- 7 is a unique organic baby cereal blend of 7  wholesome grains.

The included cereals rice, millet, spelled, oats, rye, barley, and corn are of the highest quality and are organically grown and treated according to strict budding guidelines. This cereal is the perfect choice for babies who sleep through the night and need organic baby cereal to sustain their long slumbers. This organic baby cereal is also perfect for babies who have large appetites and always appear hungry. 

Ingredients: Organic flour made from 44% rice *, 18% millet *, 18% spelled *, 5% oat *, 5% rye *, 5% barley * and 5% corn *, antioxidants (extracts rich in tocopherols), vitamin B1 * these Organic raw materials comply with the strict bud guidelines


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