Bimbosan Organic Primosan
Bimbosan Organic Primosan

Bimbosan Organic Primosan

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Babies love it because:

  • 300 gram, eco- friendly bag
  • From 4 months 
  • contains Durum wheat semolina, carrots, pumpkin, corn, and fennel
  • no added sugars

Bio-Primosan is made for the first baby vegetable meal. Bio-Primosan is a natural porridge consisting of selected carrots, fennel, and pumpkin as well as durum wheat semolina and corn. This porridge is a great way to introduce the flavor of vegetables to your baby. 

Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina* 87% (IT), corn starch* 5% (CH), carrot powder* 2% (DE) (carrot, corn starch), pumpkin powder* 1% (DE) (pumpkin, corn starch), fennel powder* 0.1%, vitamin B1, antioxidants (tocopherol- rich extracts). Contains gluten. *Raw material from controlled organic production.

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