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Bimbosan Good Night
Bimbosan Good Night
Bimbosan Good Night

Bimbosan Good Night

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Babies love it because:

  • 400 gram, eco- friendly bag
  • 13 vitamins & minerals
  • zinc, iodine, iron
  • malt, fennel, and chamomile powder

Bimbosan Good Night is a ready-to-mix, soothing and extremely satisfying cereal powder consisting of various grain types together with malt, fennel and chamomile powder. It contains no added sugar but rather many valuable vitamins and minerals, making it the ideal complement to a bottle with cow's milk. Bimbosan Good Night is easy to prepare and is the ideal night- time bottle thanks to the satiating and soothing composition. 

Powder for a soothing evening bottle. For 12+ months, mix with warm, whole milk.

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